Ruby & the 13th Door

A Modern Fairytale

Ruby & the 13th Door’ is a beautifully lush stage interpretation of a Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale, written by Global award-winning Composer, Martyn Swain.

It has strong female leads, it is Scary, Uplifting and Magical – and it has a very compelling Love Story. 

Designed for the highly lucrative Harry Potter demographic, the show’s moral is ‘Tell the Truth and You Will Be Forgiven’. Written as a Theatrical Event, ‘Ruby’, already performed successfully in York, will also translate beautifully into Feature or an Animated Feature Movie format and is currently being pitched as such. 

So - what's the storyline?

Well, without giving too much away …

After being saved from starvation by the passionate Lightning Fairy, Ruby is whisked off to CloudWorld, where she meets other rescued children – who, amongst other things, are responsible for making the weather.

When the Fairy goes away to rescue more endangered kids, Ruby goes against instructions and opens the mysterious 13th Door. Then, in a hypnotic exchange, Ruby lies 3 times to the Fairy – and is banished to the terrifying Lightning Forest

Ruby’s salvation from the brutal Forest comes in the form of the young Emerald King who stumbles across the now formidable Ruby on a hunting trip. He is mesmerised by her powers and we see her save his life before he sings his enchanting Love Song to her.

After a brief romance, the eagerly anticipated Royal Wedding takes place and shortly afterwards  we meet the couple’s first child before the piece closes …

Or does it ???

In a Shocking Twist The Lightning Fairy returns, bursting into Ruby’s chambers – and after a tense exchange about the 13th Door, the Fairy casts another spell on Ruby, leaving her powerless … as the Fairy vanishes – taking the Royal baby with her! 

With the royal child now missing, we watch in desperation as Ruby, with nobody believing her somewhat far-fetched story is tried and sentenced to death – to be burned at the stake for murdering her child. 

But – with the flames growing around her execution pyre … is that a … confession? 

To a monumental deluge created by the Kids in Cloudworld, the Lightning Fairy makes her final dramatic entrance. 

What will the Fairy say? What will the Fairy do? What has happened to the baby? Will the people of the Emerald Kingdom see their Witch-Queen burned at the stake?