Key Characters and Locations


Our Heroine . . . or is she?

Rescued from her freezing home in the woods Ruby is whisked off to a World in the Clouds, where she quickly becomes a popular leader.                                               Through the show you will see how she falls from grace, then after many twists and turns emerges triumphant with her newborn child … or does she?

The Lightning Fairy

By name and By Temperament 

On a mission to rescue disadvantaged and starving Kids, the Lightning Fairy feels an overwhelming responsibility for the future of Humankind. Is it true that she was born in the forbidding Lightning Forest?

That would certainly explain her Dark Side …

The Emerald King

Our Proud Hero

The young ruler of the Emerald Kingdom, the Emerald King quickly becomes besotted by Ruby – whose first act is to save his life!

The couple soon get married and start a family … and that is where the battle between trust and deception starts!